Exclusive Story: The Goodest Girl at Summer Camp

It was a hot July night when Ben made his terrible mistake.

He’d left the staff cabin at Summer Falls in disgust after Amy brought out her bottle of gin. The 18-year old blond was always doing stuff that would get them in trouble, and it drove Ben up the wall.

“Damnit, Amy!” He’d yelled in exasperation, not caring that the other camp leaders were rolling their eyes behind his back, “we’re not supposed to drink. That’s the rules, OK?”

“Jesus, Ben, chill out!” Amy’s light little laugh had made him even more annoyed, “the senior leaders are all gone, right? So. Let’s have some fun.”

“Breaking the rules,” Ben had snapped, “is never fun.”

“Christ, Ben,” Amy’s boyfriend Josh had muttered, “don’t you ever unwind?”

Ever since he started working at the camp, 22-year old Ben had gotten a reputation as a guy with a stick up his ass. He policed the dorms religiously at night, making sure none of the young girls they were in charge of were talking. When he found girls breaking the rules, he always called their parents.

“You need to go easy, OK? Tracey and Mattie are already scared of you.”

Tracey and Mattie were a couple of 10-year old brats who liked to giggle when Ben was trying to teach them how to whittle wood or play guitar. Ever since he’d caught them playing at being witches one night, Ben had done his utmost to make sure the duo behaved.

Why, just this morning, he’d forced them to go in different teams for the hike. The two besties had stared at him with a hatred Ben wasn’t sure he liked, but what were they gonna do, right?

“The only kids who have to be scared of me,” Ben had replied, loftily, “are the ones who won’t behave. The good girls have nothing to fear.”

“Now.” Ben had crossed his arms. “Are you gonna put that away, or do I have to report you all?”

The gales of laughter that followed had sent Ben storming off into the night, angry at having been shown up.

Now here he was, stomping through the dark towards the girls’ cabins, swearing under his breath.

Fucking little bitch… thinks she’s so cool… just wait, just wait till I report them…”

As he passed like a shadow between the cabins, Ben noticed a light in one window. A kind of blue, thrumming light that seemed to pulse and crackle.

That’s Mattie and Tracey’s cabin… He thought, uneasily, what are they up to in there?

Then his expression hardened.

Gossiping after lights out, huh? I’ll show them!

His thick hands bunched into fists, Ben quietly crept over to the cabin. He gripped the door handle with his fingers, took a deep breath…

…and burst into the room!

“Hey, you two better… what the hell?”

On the floor, Tracey and Mattie sat looking at him in their night clothes with strange grins on their faces. But that wasn’t made Ben’s mouth drop open or his eyes go wide as dinner plates.

In the space between the two girls was a glowing ball of blue light. It hung above the floor, shimmering and pulsing, like a globe made of pure energy.

Ben stared at it and weakly shook his head.

“What is that?”

The two girls gave him a malevolent smile.

“It’s magic,” Tracey declared, a glint of something dark and terrifying in her eyes.

“And we made it just for you,” Mattie added.

“Don’t be silly!” Ben snapped, “there’s no such thing as magic. Now get to bed, both of you. Only bad girls stay up and talk like this!”

The two girls exchange a smile.

“We’re not bad girls,” Tracey giggled, “we’re witches. Real witches. And you…”

She pointed an accusing finger at Ben.

“Are a bad man who ruins our fun!”

“That’s enough!” Ben shouted. “I’m… I’m going to get you both thrown out of camp. I’m not a bad man!”

Mattie giggled.

“You’re right. You’re definitely not a man!”

Then the two girls were whispering something and the blue light flew at Ben, engulfing him. He screamed and tried to fight it, trying to shake it out his veins, wash it off his skin.

He screamed as the light began to change him, making his shoulders narrow, his torso shrink and all his big, man-muscles disappear.

He screamed as his penis vanished, his balls hiked up into his body, and the skin between his legs split, forming into a new vagina.

He screamed as long blond hair erupted out his head and pulled itself into pigtails that dangled either side of his transforming face.

Lastly, he screamed as he shrank down to a mere 3ft, his voice rising in pitch as he did so, until it was at the very edge of human hearing.

Then the light faded and the screaming stopped.

In numb horror, Ben looked down at his tiny new body. At his weak and puny arms, at his hairless legs, and at his tiny feet wrapped in pink socks. He goggled at the pink pajamas he was suddenly wearing, decorated with tiny pictures of ponies.

Slowly, he raised his tiny, delicate new hands up to his new face and felt it. Felt its roundness, its softness, its lack of hair.

Finally he turned to the two girls sat before him.

“You…” he squeaked, “you…!”

“We turned you into a girl,” sneered Mattie, pulling herself to her feet. With a start, Ben realized that she was suddenly a foot taller than him.

“A baby,” Tracey added, getting up also. “You’re a five year old girl now. And…”

She smiled evilly at poor little Ben.

“…you’re my little sister.”

In horror, Ben looked at himself and realized it was true. Somehow, these two witches had made him into an adorable 5-year old girl with freckled cheeks, blond pigtails and pink pajamas!

“No!” He squealed in a voice like sugar and honey, “you-you can’t! Turn me back now!”

He stamped his foot like a petulant little kid, and suddenly realized his new body was on the verge of tears.

It’s not fair! He sobbed inside himself, I don’t wanna be a little girl!

“No stamping, Becca!” Tracey said in an authoritative voice, grabbing hold of Ben’s arm. In his puny new girl-body, there was no way Ben could shake her off.

“You have to be a good girl now,” Tracey went on, watching Ben with mocking eyes, “if you’re a good girl from now until the end of camp, we’ll turn you back.”

“Uh-hu,” Mattie nodded, “that means doing what we tell you to do, and no arguing or crying!”

“I’ll be good!” Ben eagerly nodded his adorable little head, his pigtails bouncing up and down, “please, big sis – I mean, please Tracey.”

He sniffled, unaware that the action made him look more like an adorable poppet than ever.

“I promise.”

Towering over him, Mattie and Tracey exchanged a knowing glance and little giggle. They were gonna make sure Ben was a good girl, alright. After following his stupid rules, it was now time for him to follow theirs…

…and if that meant dressing the adorable little girl before them up as a princess, and making her play with dollies, and smacking her bottom if she didn’t do as she was told, then so much the better.


That was six weeks ago. Now, as summer camp nears its end, Ben is trying his best to be a really good girl. He never argues with his older sister, and he always does what the big girls tell him to do.

He just hopes it’s enough for them to turn him back. Hopes that he can go back to being a man again. Hopes he can get out of these adorable little princess costumes and never go near summer camp again!

Tracey and Mattie still haven’t told him their secret. That they’re only trainee witches and don’t know how to reverse the spell. They’ll leave off telling him until the last day of camp, because it’s just so much fun watching little Becca try to be the goodest little girl she can!


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Story image: Forest Girl by Mads Bødker, used freely from Flickr under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.