Swapped for the Prom: a Novella now available on Amazon!

So I finally finished my latest TG novella, a fantasy gender-swap romance set at a senior prom no-one will ever forget…

I’ve been interested in teenage TG tales ever since I started writing. My second-ever book was about an 18-year old boy magically turned into a maid by his mischievous sister! With this story I wanted to do an erotic TG novel that focused more on the romance than the sex. After a couple of books where the characters spend a lot of time in the sack, I was keen to do one where they spent at least some time away from it. What better place to set it than in the chaste, scary, heart-breaking, wonderful world of high school?

I think many TG fans can relate to being a teenager and falling in love with someone they shouldn’t. It’s a time when we’re all changing – some of us into who we want to be, some of us into something else. From there, it was easy to come up with the idea of a male bully who is changing not into a grownup, but into a girl… and the romantic feelings he might start developing for his cute former victim.

Anyway, the blurb is below, and you can buy your copy here. I hope you lovely sissies enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

“Nobody messes with Ryan. He’s the alpha male. The high school football star. The bully. The one all the other kids fear… until now.

On the night of the prom, two of Ryan’s victims orchestrate a twisted revenge. In the blink of an eye, this alpha male finds himself magically transformed into a busty blond teenage beauty named Rachel. Dressed in a flowing prom dress and a killer pair of heels, Ryan is now forced to attend prom as the prettiest girl at school!

But the magic has altered more than just his body. As the night wears on, Ryan finds himself starting to fall for the cute boy he used to bully. Will this macho jock be able to fight his destiny… or will he discover a whole set of new, romantic feelings for his former enemy?

Lisa Change’s latest novella of high school gender-transformation is a bittersweet journey into the heart of a taboo teenage romance. Join Ryan on his unlikely quest into womanhood, as he is forced to confront the hidden desires at the heart of his bullying behavior… ”

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