Swapped at the Mall, a TG Romance, now available on Amazon!

Another week, another spellbinding new TG book from yours truly…

This one’s a midrange tale (14k words) about a teenage boy whose sister makes a careless wish, with some unexpected consequences… but what shy, lonely boy wouldn’t want to spend 24 hours as the cutest teenage girl at school?

The idea for this one comes from somewhere very close to my heart, and it’s a place I’m sure is close to the hearts of all TG fans. The idea of a shy teenage boy getting a chance to start afresh as the girl he’s secretly always wanted to be is one I’m sure will ring many bells among my loyal readers. But beware, this isn’t a tale of pure wish-fulfilment. There will be difficulties and mistakes and heartbreak along the way…

This is the first TG book I’ve written in a looong time that doesn’t have an erotic edge, which made it a wonderful challenge. Instead of painting a picture of forbidden pleasure, I had to try and weave something together from all those emotions we felt so strongly as teenagers. All the heartbreak. All the warm dizziness of love. The shyness. The regret. And, most of all, the desire to be someone else.

I hope you’ll agree with me that the result was worth the effort. You can buy it here (RRP: $3.99) Meanwhile, the official blurb is below:

“All his life, 18-year old Liam has known there’s something wrong. Something about his male body that doesn’t fit. Something about the feelings he has for his hunky best friend Ryan. But Liam has never dared express these desires… until now.

On the day of their birthday, Liam’s twin sister Alex makes a careless wish that will change both their lives forever. From a shy and lonely boy, Liam finds himself magically transformed into a cute teenage girl named Lily. For the next 24 hours, he’ll be able to live his life as he always wanted: as a carefree, beautiful girl.

But Alex has special plans for her new sister. Plans that involve meeting Ryan at the mall, and introducing him to ‘Lily’. Will Liam wind up being outed in front of his best friend? Or will their meeting be the start of a taboo romance as exciting as it is heart-breaking?

Swapped at the Mall is Lisa Change’s newest tale of teenage gender transformation, reluctant feminization and fantasy taboo romance. By turns funny, surreal, and softly bittersweet, it follows Liam’s journey toward becoming the girl he always wanted to be… and the beautiful, strange and wonderful experiences that accompany it.”

Front cover image Shopping Mall Girls by Gabriel Saldana, used freely from Flickr with modifications (without endorsement) under a Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 license.