Exclusive Story: From Man to Mommy

They’d been married for less than a year when Adam began pestering Katie to have kids.

“C’mon…” he moaned, following Katie round the kitchen as she prepared their dinner, “I don’t wanna wait. I’m getting too old already!”

They’d met just after Katie finished university, when she was only 22. By that point, Adam had already been a working grown-up for ten long years.

Now, he was 35 and didn’t like his younger wife to forget about it.

“I always said I’d have kids by 36. That was a deal-breaker. I told you when we started going out…”

“I know. I know you did.” Katie sighed, trying to make sure she didn’t overcook either the sauce or the pasta while Adam kept going on. Why had she chosen to make a ragu tonight, of all things?

“But I’m not ready, y’know?” She said as she took the pan off the heat. “I still want to see the world. Do some travelling. Remember I told you I wanted to live in Asia before we had kids? Where’s our pad in Bangkok, huh?”

“That’s different,” Adam rolled his eyes. “We can live in Asia whenever…”

“With kids? Do you have any idea how much English-language schools cost out there?”

“Well, whatever. I’ve been abroad already. Trust me. It’s not worth it.”

Katie had to bite down on her tongue. This always came up when the conversation turned to her travel plans.

Three months. He spends three freakin’ months in Prague and he thinks he’s Alex Chacón…

“It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do, OK? Even if it’s just for a year. My publishing house has a vacancy coming up in their Thai office. Maybe we could do that? Then we can come back, talk about having kids…”

“A year?!” Adam’s eyes went wide. “I’ll be 36… even if I knock you up the minute we step off the plane, I’ll be 37 before you give birth…”

He folded his arms, fixed his wife with a unyielding stare.

“Sorry. We can’t do that. I’d rather get divorced than wait that long.”

He frowned at the stove.

“The ragu’s burning.”


Katie span round, but it was too late.

She’d been so absorbed in her argument that she’d turned the pan up, to full, instead of down. And now their dinner was all black and nasty.

Behind her, Adam gently shook his head.

“You gotta be careful, babe,” he said, sagely, “if you burn the dinner talking to me, what are you gonna be like when we have kids, huh?”

It took all of Katie’s self-control not to pour the ruined ragu over her husband’s big, dumb head.


That night, Katie sat up on her iPad, flicking through a message board as Adam lay snoring beside her.

She’d had an awful evening. After the mess with the ragu, she’d shouted something at Adam about this being the last time she wanted to hear about having fucking kids.

At that, Adam had taken her in his arms, sternly but gently.

“You don’t mean that,” he’d said, firmly. “You want kids as much as I do. You just need… time to think is all.”

Then he’d smiled and put a hand on her belly.

“Imagine,” he’d whispered, “imagine how awesome it’d feel to have a little Adam or Katie growing in here…”

And Katie had tried to tell him how she didn’t want to look like a beached whale. Didn’t want to deal with vomiting every morning. Didn’t want her hormones bouncing around like crazy, her boobs leaking, and her bladder messed up for nine whole months.

What about my career?! She’d wanted to shout, publishing is fucking brutal. If I get pregnant now, I’m out for good!

But Adam had just shh’d her, then gently led her upstairs and clumsily tried to seduce her.

Now he lay drooling beside her while Katie tried to work off steam on the internet.



Katie sighed.



She sat there in silence for a moment, casually glancing over the boards stats. There were 56 people viewing. Surely one of them would offer some sympathy?

10 minutes later, no-one had replied. With a sigh, Katie went to switch her tablet off…

…when a private message landed with a plonk.

Katie frowned at the username. MissWitch99? Who could that be?

For a second, she hesitated. It was late, and Miss Witch was probably just some bored and lonely divorcee looking to rant about her ex. He should probably just turn her tablet off and go to bed…

Instead, she clicked open.


As Katie read the rest of the message, the blue light of the screen reflected in her glasses, she began to smile.

Suddenly, it looked like she was going to Thailand after all.


The next morning, Adam woke up with an unhappy groan. He buried his head under the covers and tried not to heave, his stomach doing backflips.

Why the hell was he feeling so nauseous? Had he and Katie shared a bottle of wine the night before? He hadn’t got drunk, had he…?

Lying in bed, his eyes closed, Adam frowned. No, that wasn’t it. They’d had an argument instead. Something about having kids. Something about…

Then Adam’s stomach lurched and his eyes flew open. He threw back the covers, one dainty hand clasped over his lips and sprinted to their en-suite bathroom as fast as his slender legs would carry him.

He almost didn’t make it. Just as he bent forward his stomach kicked again, and then he was vomiting, gagging delicately into the bowl while trying to keep his long blond hair from getting any sick on it.

The feeling quickly passed. Dazedly, his mind spinning, Adam gingerly got to his feet, grabbed his pink toothbrush and started scrubbing.

He spat the taste of vomit out, delicately shaking his pretty little head…

…and stopped.

And frowned.

Then frowned some more.

Dainty hands… long blond hair… slender legs… pretty little head… what the…?

Then he glanced in the mirror and nearly screamed.

Gone was big, strong Adam with his square jaw, fatherly eyes, greying stubble and big, broad shoulders.

In his place was a girl out a nightmare.

She was short, with long blond hair that fell in straight lines either side of round, freckled cheeks. Her eyes were blue and innocent, her face young and pleasantly-soft, her red lips like two delicate little buds.

She was 18 at most. Equipped with a curvy body, with nice, big breasts that dangled from her frame, their nipples pink and pointy, and a pair of wide hips that sat at the top of two slender, hairless legs.

Perfect for childbearing… Adam thought, subconsciously.

Outwardly, he simply blinked in shock. Where had the girl come from? Why was she staring at him out the mirror, a pink toothbrush clasped in one hand and an expression of shock on her soft, maternal face?

“Wha-?” Adam whispered.

“Who-?” He tried again.

“Why?” He sadly whimpered, at last.

It was no use. Every time he spoke, the girl in the mirror mouthed the words right back at him, her soft, musical voice floating through the bathroom.

There was no denying it. She was him. He was her.

Overnight, Adam had transformed into a girl.

Adam was still staring in shock at his new body, when his wife came padding in, a cruel little smile on her beautiful face.

“So it did work,” Katie purred, unable to keep the delight out her voice. “How’s my baby feeling this morning? Sicky?”

“Katie?” Adam whispered, his soft new voice dripping like poison into his ears. “What… I mean, how…?”

“Shh,” Katie smiled, placing one finger against Adam’s soft new lips, “I won’t have my darling wife upsetting herself, not in her condition.”

There was a twinkle in her eye that Adam wasn’t at all sure he liked.

He angrily swatted her hand away.

“Damnit, Katie!” He squeaked in his high-pitched girl-voice, “what’s going on? I’m your husband, and I demand you tell me!”

It was meant to sound like an ultimatum. From inside Adam’s tiny new girl body, it merely sounded stroppy. With a feeling of immense misery, Adam noticed that his wife was now a good six inches taller than he was.

She’s probably stronger, too…

In response, Katie simply shrugged.

“I fixed our problem,” she said. “You wanted kids. So guess what? Now we’re having them.”

Adam looked doubtfully down at Katie’s flat belly, hidden inside her dressing gown.

“But then why…” He began.

And stopped.

His eyes opened wide, a look of horror etching itself across his pretty face.

Of course… the morning sickness…

“Ah-ha!” Katie grinned, “so you figured it out, then.”

She folded her arms, fixed Adam with a smug smile.

“You wanted kids, so you’re gonna be the one to carry them. You’re the one who’s gonna get swollen boobs and a big, fat belly, and cramps and morning sickness and weird-ass cravings. Then, nine months from now, you’re gonna have to go into hospital and squeeze some screaming kid out your pussy while doctors keep telling you to breathe.”

In horror, Adam looked down at the new pussy nestled between his legs, with its tight little hole and demure lips.

How the hell is anything gonna fit out of there? he wondered, miserably.

He crossed his legs slightly and shivered. He didn’t like the thought of it one little bit.

“And after that,” Katie was saying, “maybe I’ll change you back. Or maybe not. Who knows? You’re kinda cute as a girl, and that spell should have given you the perfect body for having kids…”

She dropped a wink at her former-husband.

“Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to have all those children you wanted after all.”

Adam numbly shook his pretty little head.

No. This was all wrong. He’d wanted kids, alright, but not like this. He didn’t want to carry them!

“Katie…” he began, pleadingly.

“Nu-uh,” Katie put him off. “No chance. There’s a baby growing in you now, if I turned you back, it’d die. And since you’re always saying what a good Catholic you are, I guess that’s not an option, huh?”

She flashed her young new wife a dazzling smile.

“Well now, now that’s out the way, I guess it’s time for us to get ready?”

“For what?” Adam asked, thickly. He was barely listening. Too busy looking down in disgust at his heavy, dangling breasts. At his wide hips. At the soft belly that would soon start growing and growing and growing…

“Don’t you remember?” Katie asked innocently. “Oh yeah, of course you don’t. I only just cast the spell.”

She put her hands on her hips, smiled at Adam.

“We’re moving to Thailand. I got a job with my publishing house in Bangkok. I’ll go and get on with my career, while my darling wife sits at home and looks after herself and our unborn baby.”

“What?!” Adam shrieked in his girl-voice. “That’s not fair! How could you…?”

“What?” Katie asked, her voice scarily quiet. “I mean, isn’t that exactly what you wanted me to do?”

When Adam fell silent, she gently reached out and touched his arm.

“Look on the bright side, honey,” she said, affectionately, “at least you’ll definitely have kids before you’re 36 now.”

Then she span on her heel and stalked off into the bedroom.

“I’ll get packing for both of us,” she called over her shoulder, “you stay in there and tidy yourself up, darling. After all…”

A smirk entered her voice.

“We wouldn’t want you exerting yourself in your condition, would we?”


That was nine months ago.

Today, Adam’s belly is enormous. It hangs over his pants, its belly-button sticking out, like someone has grafted a whole extra bit onto him.

His boobs, too, are big. Big and sore and leaky, with little dribbles of milk that sometimes escape his nipples, and mean Adam has to stuff his bra with tissue paper to absorb it all.

Being pregnant is giving him weird cravings. Sat at home all day in their Bangkok apartment, he finds himself thinking wistfully about eating weird stuff like coal; almost as often as he finds himself thinking wistfully about his male body.

Katie has promised to turn him back into a man again. One day. But first Adam will have to prove he’s a good mommy. He’ll have to give them three kids and breastfeed them, and raise them, and stay at home and change their diapers while Katie is out at work, establishing herself as the hottest new talent at her publishing house.

Whenever Adam meets her colleagues, they all want to touch his belly, hoping to feel the unborn baby kick. And Adam lets them, even though it makes him feel uncomfortable. Even though he hates it when people touch his swollen belly.

After all, he doesn’t want to make Katie mad. Not when she can cast a spell and make him pregnant again. Not when she’s suggested they could have as many as five or six or even seven kids.

Instead, he just keeps quiet. Stays silent, like the perfect little wife he now is. Just stays focused on being a pretty, presentable mommy, and reading all those birthing books Katie bought for him.

And tries not to think about how, any day now, he’ll be carted off to hospital to give birth. And Katie has told him firmly it will have to be a natural birth.

Oh, and his name isn’t Adam anymore.

It’s Eve.


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