Becoming Zoe, the Complete Trilogy – Available Now at Half Price!

So, I finally collected together one of my favorite series into one lavish bundle for you all to enjoy…

I wrote the Mile in Her Panties series over a couple of weeks in August 2016, and I still think it’s one of my best. The idea of a man who magically becomes a woman whenever he puts on a pair of frilly panties is one that had been haunting my dreams for a while, and it turned out even hotter than my nighttime fantasies suggested it would be! There’s a LOT of sex in this one, but some nice character development, too. I’m even tempted to bring Zach/Zoe back one day, just to see how she’s getting along in her new body. I’ll be curious to see whether she’s got pregnant yet… but that’s an idea for another book.

I’ve put this one for sale at a special introductory price of $2.99, but be warned my dears, it won’t stay there for long! I’m planning to raise the price up to $3.99 in the near future – still a long way off the RRP of $5.97 for the separate trilogy – so buy now to avoid disappointment. Here is the link, and below is the blurb. Have fun, my chicks!

“Collected together for the first time… all three books in Lisa Change’s smoking hot TG trilogy, Becoming Zoe.

When his fiancée Melina leaves town for the weekend, Zach decides to amuse himself by playing dress-up in her clothes. But his cross-dressing experiments soon take a wild and sexy turn. After putting on a pair of lacy black panties, Zach finds himself magically transformed into a horny 18-year old girl!

Trapped as busty blond bisexual Zoe, Zach suddenly finds himself deeply attracted to men and women alike. At first he tries to resist, but as the weekend rolls on, this transformed man’s defenses begin to crumble. As the temptation becomes too great, Zach finds himself dressing in women’s clothes, seducing his muscular hunk of a neighbor, and gleefully experiencing all the forbidden pleasure a woman’s body has to offer…

It looks like Melina’s magic panties will make this a weekend Zach will NEVER forget!

This complete, collected edition of Lisa Change’s fun, kinky series features a detailed transformation scene so believable, you’ll feel like YOU are the one becoming a beautiful girl. Join Zach as he starts exploring his magnificent new girl body… and discovers all the HOT and NAUGHTY things it is capable of!”