Exclusive Story: Her Favorite Sissy Nurse


Brian used to be the hottest surgeon at St. Stephen’s, a muscular jock with bulging biceps, a big dick, and bigger ambitions.

He’d dedicated his whole life to reaching the top and being made head surgeon. When the other medical students were out playing pranks, he was sat in his dorm room, studying hard. When the other junior staff were unwinding with a few beers, Brian was on the internet, researching the latest techniques.

And when the senior surgeons were out partying, Brian made sure to stay behind at the hospital, honing his technique.

By the time he was 28, he’d become the rising star at St. Stephen’s. By the time he was 30, he was known as one of the best plastic surgeons in the state. By the time he was 32, he was famous as the greatest plastic surgeon in the history of the US…

…except for one.

Karen worked at the same hospital as Brian, and she was always just ahead. When Brian crashed out at 3am after a hard night’s studying, Karen crashed out at 4. When Brian allowed himself to be dragged out for one drink, Karen stayed at home and worked.

When Brian finally downed his tools, content he’d mastered his craft enough for that evening, Karen worked on a little longer, determined to make it to head surgeon in a man’s world.

The hospital thought it was lucky to have them. It promoted them both in tandem, the two hotshot surgeons rising through the ranks to the top. The administrators thought they’d be happy together. But Brian and Karen knew different.

They knew that only one of them could be the best.

Then, one day, Brian made his fateful mistake.

After a long day’s work, he went to the director, and gave him an ultimatum. Either he’d be made head surgeon over Karen, or he’d take his expertise elsewhere.

Scared of losing one of his star attractions, the director panickedly agreed. He called Karen in and told her she’d now be answering to Brian. It wasn’t ideal, he mumbled, avoiding her eye, but that was the way it had to be.

At the end of their meeting, Karen went back to her apartment, turning things over in her mind. At long, long last, she picked up her phone, and dialed her best friend, the blond anesthetist, Sandra.

“Sandra. Hey, it’s me. Listen, I need you to do something for me…”

Two days later, Brian was called into the hospital at 2am. As he walked through the empty corridors of the new, unfinished wing, he wondered why the hell Karen had arranged to meet him here. Wondered why they couldn’t talk in the staff room, like normal human beings.

He was wondering these things as he stepped through into the under-construction surgical theater…

…and froze.

The room was drenched in harsh white light, an operating table laid out ready, stacks of surgical instruments next to it, all shiny and bright.

Groups of nurses were moving round, preparing for a major operation, while at the head of the table stood Karen, grinning for all she was worth.

“Ahh, Brian…” the dark haired beauty purred as Brian looked around, his mouth dangling open, “so glad you could join us. Everything is ready, if you’d just like to get on the table?”

“K-Karen…?” Stuttered Brian, “What…. I mean, why?”

“You thought you were better than me,” sneered his rival, “so I decided to show you what happens to a man who thinks he’s better than a powerful woman.”

Her green eyes twinkled at him.

“Pleasant dreams.”

Brian had just enough time to wonder what she was talking about, and then someone was holding a mask over his mouth and a strange gas was flooding his lungs. He choked and tried to scream, but it was too late.

Female arms held him down, their grip like iron. As the world faded away, Brian dimly thought he heard Karen say:

“Good work, Sandra. Good work, girls. Now, let’s make sure this little bitch gets what’s coming to her…”

Little bitch? Brian just had time to think. And then the gas took hold and he thought no more.

That night, Karen and her team worked round the clock. Chopping bits off here. Tucking in there. Inserting lumps of silicone that were cruelly big.

As they worked, Karen had to keep pausing to laugh. Smiling savagely down at the poor, mutilated creature that used to be Brian, she felt a sense of glee rising inside her.

“Oh Brian,” she whispered at one point, stroking his newly-implanted long, blond hair, “you’re going to make such a good little patient.”

Then, at long last, it was over. The patient was kept unconscious while she healed, watched round the clock by a team of nurses under strict instructions not to let her wake up.

Finally, a month after Brian had fallen asleep, he was gently woken by the sound of Karen’s voice.

“Good morning,” his rival crooned, one hand gently stroking his cheek, “how are we today, my darling?”

“Karen…?” Brian asked, still half-asleep, “what…?”

Even in his muzzy state, Brian was aware there was something wrong with his voice. It sounded different, somehow. Higher in pitch. Softer.

More feminine.

“That’s it baby,” Karen whispered in his ear. “You wake up now. Wake up and see what your mistress has done to you…”

Brian’s eyelids fluttered open. He saw Karen was holding a small mirror in her hand. A sense of foreboding suddenly swept over him.

“No…” he heard himself whimper in his new voice, “no… please, I don’t wanna…”

Already, he could feel his body was different. He felt lighter than before. Smaller. There was a weight on his chest that hadn’t been there before, and a strange feeling between his legs Brian wasn’t at all sure he liked.

His clothes, too, seemed to have changed. Lying on his hospital bed, Brian could feel the cool air caressing his naked legs. Feel the new shoes pinching at his feet. Feel the tiny little cap, resting on his head.

Oh God, what’s she done to me…?

Before him, he watched helplessly as Karen laughed and shook her head.

“You don’t have any choice,” his dark-haired rival smiled savagely. “I’m in charge now. And I want my newest nurse to see what I’ve done to her.”

Nurse… her…? What…?

And then Karen held up the mirror, and Brian was face-to-face with the prettiest girl he’d ever seen.

She was young, maybe 18, with wide, innocent blue eyes, sharp cheekbones, a soft face, and lips that were plump and pink. Long, blond hair cascaded in curls over her shoulders, coming to rest atop an enormous pair of breasts that looked like something out of a porno.

She had a tight waist, long, smooth legs, and dainty little hands and feet that were almost too cute for words. Her ass was curvy, her hips wide, and her stomach flat and toned.

Her perfect body had been poured into a PVC nurse’s outfit that clung to her skin and barely covered her large breasts, and came down to stop just below her pussy. A stethoscope dangled around her elegant, swan-like neck, and a cute little nurse’s cap perched on her head.

She looked like a character in a teenage boy’s fantasy. Like a nurse out of the dirtiest sex dream. Brain shook his head, wondering why Karen was showing him a picture of this girl…

…and then the picture moved and Brian felt his eyes go wide in fright.

The pretty, bimbo nurse was shaking her head in time with him, a doubtful look on her beautiful face. As soon as Brian stopped, she stopped too, her eyes suddenly going wide with fear.

His heart hammering in his chest, Brian swallowed, desperately hoping he was wrong. Then, slowly, he raised one hand, and watched in horror as the bimbo nurse did likewise.

Frantically, he stuck out his tongue. Crossed his eyes. Reached his dainty little hands up, clutched his long blond hair and screamed.

But it was no good. Whatever he did, the pretty nurse did too. She was him. He was her.

Karen had turned him into a girl.

As Brian whimpered softly, looking helplessly down at his big breasts and curvy new frame, Karen laughed out loud, her dark hair bouncing off her shoulders.

“I knew you’d like her,” she said, a cruel sneer etched on her face. “Good job, too, as you’ll be stuck that way forever.”

Brian wanted to scream. Wanted to punch Karen. Wanted to smash the mirror and run away, and keep running until he was out of this nightmare.

But instead, he simply turned his pretty little face towards his new mistress, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.

“Karen…” he pleaded in his new girl-voice.

“Nu-uh,” Karen shook her head. “No chance. You’re my bitch nurse now, and you’ll stay that way.”

Her eyes glinted.

“We did everything. We got a neurosurgeon to rewire your brain so you’re only attracted to men. We used a cocktail of drugs to make you completely obedient to me. We even…”

Here she had to stop herself from laughing again.

“…gave you a womb.”

As Brian weakly looked down at his bombshell new nurse body, Karen filled him in on his hideous fate.

“From now on, you’ll be Barbie, my personal bitch nurse. You will act like a bimbo, and keep forgetting things and getting confused by the simplest task. Lucky for you, your task will be so easy even a brainless bimbo like you can handle it.”

“What task?” Brian squeaked in horror.

Karen snorted with amusement.

“Why Barbie, I’d have thought it was obvious. You’re going to spend the rest of your life using those lovely big tits, and those nice plump lips, and that lovely tight hole of yours to relax all my male patients. I’ve decided to open a penis extension clinic, and I’ll need you to try out all my patients’ new equipment.”

“How does that sound, bitch?”

And, to his horror, Brian realized that he could no longer argue with Karen. No longer disagree with her. No longer do anything but obey her, just as a pretty bimbo nurse should obey the clever head-surgeon.

In shame, he bowed his head, his long blond hair falling past his cheeks. He looked down at his vast new cleavage. At the tight waist and slender legs that now belonged to him. At the female body he was doomed to live in for the rest of his days.

“It sounds wonderful, mistress,” he whispered, miserably.

At his words, Karen laughed. A great, booming laugh that echoed round the entire hospital and made Brian wish he’d never double-crossed such a powerful woman.


All that happened ten years ago. Today, Barbie is the prettiest bimbo nurse in the whole of the county. Men from far and wide flock to Karen’s new hospital, just to see what the brainless blond can do with those big tits of hers. Just to see if she’s as good with her lips as they say she is.

By Barbie’s count, she’s now slept with over 5,000 men. And the worst part is, her surgically-altered brain has forced her to enjoy it, every single time.

She still quietly hopes that Karen will one day relent and change her back. Or at least make her into a man again.

But Karen has other ideas. Barbie is the star attraction at St. Sissy’s, and there’s no way she’s gonna let that dumb, bimbo bitch out of her sights.

Not when there are thousands more men out there desperate for a go with her beautiful, obedient, favorite sissy nurse.


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