New Book, Swapped at School, Available Now!


Have you ever dreamed of getting your own back at everyone who wronged you? Have you ever wanted to just point your finger at a nasty guy and gleefully watch as he turned into a beautiful, sex-crazed girl? I know I sure have, and I think some of you have too. Which is why I decided to give that power to my newest heroine, Casey.

Casey’s a schoolgirl who’s always getting bullied. Then, one day, she finds a ring that allows her to swap the gender of anyone she points at. In no time at all, all the boys are stuck in skirts and her pervert teacher is trapped as a big-breasted stripper! Will her schoolmates be able to stop Casey’s reign of terror? Or will they be doomed to live the rest of their lives as beautiful bimbo bitches?

As you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun writing this one. When I was still in school, I used to dream I could magically swap the gender of anyone I wanted to. I’d pretend I could make my teachers get trapped as little girls, and all the dumb jocks start their lives over as brainless, big-titted cheerleaders.  Who knows? Maybe one day my wish will come true… so you’d better make sure you’re on my good side by following this link to buy my new book. Or maybe I’ll be forced to gender-swap you, too 😉

I’m selling this one for only $1.99, as a little thank you to all my loyal fans. Enjoy the new tale, sissies…

Lisa out! X