My Brand New Short Story Collection!


I’m a big fan of short stories; as a reader, as a writer. If you’ve been following this blog (and I hope you have!), you’ll know that I like to spin the odd tale or two myself – usually involving some hotshot stud who winds up getting swapped into a pretty girl!

I enjoyed writing these shorts so much that I finally decided to collect them in one volume for all of you to enjoy. There are five stories here, four of which were previously published on this very blog, and one of which (the longest, at 5.5k words) you won’t find anywhere else! To sweeten the deal, I’ve included an exclusive introduction and afterwords for each story, giving some insight into the twisted little world of Lisa Change.

It’s priced at less than a cup of coffee, so what are you waiting for? Follow this link and head over to Amazon, my lovelies, to experience my latest effort. I hope to see you there!

Lisa out! X