SPECIAL OFFER: 16 Books for 2016, available for $2.99!

She Turned You Into a Sexy Girl (Gender Transformation Bundle): (SIXTEEN kinky novels of gender-swap revenge for 2016!) by [Change, Lisa]

Hey, sissies!

I know I said my Christmas story would be my last post before Xmas, but I couldn’t leave without letting all you beautiful sissies in on my HOT holidays offer. For ONE WEEK ONLY, I’m selling sixteen of my favorite books from 2016 for only $2.99. That’s one hundred and sixty thousand words of steamy TG gender-swap action for a fraction of the $45.00 list price!

As I explain in the introduction, I’m doing this as a little thank you to all my loyal fans who have stuck with me through thick and thin this year. You’re all the reason I write, and I feel like such a lucky girl to have you all downloading my naughty little books 🙂

So what are y’all waiting for? Get over to Amazon and buy it now, using this handy link: She Turned You Into a Sexy Girl. Remember, you’ve got ONE WEEK ONLY. See you there, my darlings!

Lisa X

Update: this one-time offer has now expired. Boo! However, you can still get your hands on one of my naughty discounted TG collections by clicking the following links: Her Revenge Made Him Into a Sexy Girl, and Her Magic Swapped His Gender. Each one contains five or more stories and retails at half the list price! That’s 5-8 novel-length TG tales for barely a dollar each!

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