I’m For Hire!


Jump for joy!

Hey, sissies! Lisa here, back for another awesome year of TG shenanigans!

In my last posts of 2016, and in the introduction to my recent collection, I hinted that I had some big things in mind for 2017. Well, here’s the first of them: From now on, I’m available to hire! Not like in one of my alpha-male-turned-into-a-streetwalker stories kinda way, but as a writer. That’s right, you can now pay me to write you an exclusive TG tale that will never be seen by anybody else’s eyes…

You can find all the details at my new Hire me! page, but here’s the short version. You pay me as little as $150, and I will write you an exclusive TG tale featuring any characters you want. That’s right – you get to choose who gets transformed, and into what, just like you get to choose what happens next! Tempted? Click on the above link now and shoot me a message. I can’t wait to hear from you, my gorgeous little sissies!

Lisa out! X

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(picture credit: Joy, by IrfaanPhotography, reproduced from Flickr under a creative commons 2.0 license)