FREE TG Story!: The Biggest Boobs in the World


“Hey, big tits!”

Across the road, the girl’s head jerked angrily. She crossed her arms over her top and started walking faster.

Oh no you don’t… thought Henry with a smile, putting his foot to the gas.

“Hey, Tits! I’m talking to you Tits!”

He leaned out the car window, leering at the girl through his aviators.

“Wanna lemme have a go on those, hot stuff?”

“Leave me alone, asshole.”

Now he was closer, Henry could see the chick wasn’t really all that. Her face was kinda plain. Her straight blond hair didn’t have the bounce and shine he liked in women, and her ass was sorta fat.

But where it mattered. Oh man, where it mattered…

“What are those puppies, Double-H?” Henry gave a low whistle. “I bet you give the guys exactly what they want.”

The big-titted chick tried to ignore him, walking along, head down, her big boobs bouncing around beneath her tight top. But Henry could tell she wasn’t as unbothered as she seemed.

He was getting to her.

“Hey, slut!” He yelled angrily, honking the horn, “hey, big tits! I’m talkin’ to you!”

With a strangled cry, the girl finally whirled round to face him.

“You fucking douchebag!” She screamed, her face twisted with anger, “Who the fuck do you think you are-?”


With a careful, shit-eating grin, Henry picked up his cell. Turned the camera on the pissed girl before him and started filming.

“Check it out,” he laughed, playing up for the audio, “big tits getting mad on 18th street.”

He angled the phone towards her breasts.

“Look at those babies bounce,” he purred.

For a second, the girl just stood there, shocked into silence. This close, Henry could see how young she was. Like, barely 18.

Serves her right, he thought, idly, if she didn’t want the attention she wouldn’t be goin’ round dressed as a hooker.

At last, she seemed to find her voice.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked in a plaintive whimper. “What did I ever do to you?”

But Henry just kept right on filming. Even as a couple of guys came wandering over and started yelling at him.

“Hey, leave her alone, asshole…”

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Making a girl cry…”

A couple of girls joined them. There was quite a little crowd going on now. Good, just what Henry liked to see.

“C’mon, hot stuff.” He crowed, relishing the way his words riled the girl up. “Shake those titties for me!”

As the small crowd started yelling at him, Henry turned the camera on them. He revved the engine, drowning them out, grinning at the contorted, angry faces all around him.

Except one.

On the fringes, a Goth girl was watching him. She was short, with dark hair and a pale face, but it wasn’t the way she was dressed that gave Henry a feeling of nervousness.

It was the way she was staring at him, her face riven with concentration, muttering something under her breath, over and over and over.

Like she was trying to put a curse on him or something.

With a shiver, Henry swung the phone away, back to the chick with the big rack.

“Alright,” he yelled over the engine. “I’m going. But before I do, I want y’all to see what a slut this- glerk!”

The words cut off in his mouth. A wave of pinpricks was washing over every inch of his skin. He suddenly felt dizzy.

Henry shook his head, violently. Goddamn heat. Now wasn’t the time to pass out.

“I mean, what’s the matter, hoe?” He snarled at the girl, trying his best to carry on like nothing had happened. “You worried… you worried…?”

By now, the tenor of the crowd had changed. Rather than shouting, people were looking at Henry with worry. In front of him, he saw the girl’s eyes go wide.

Hey, I don’t feel so good. What the…?

His body felt like kinda… wrong. There was a tingling all across his skin. A feeling of pressure in his chest. A pain in his hands…

Oh shit, I’m not having a stroke, am I?

Then Henry glanced down at the hand holding his cell, and nearly fainted.

His hand had changed. Where it had previously been a large, beefy thing dusted with dark hairs, it was now pale and willowy, its fingertips ending in long, red nails.

In fright, Henry dropped his phone.

“What the Hell?!” He squeaked, then immediately wished he hadn’t.

His voice was wrong! In the space of three seconds, it had shot up two octaves, becoming soft and musical. He grabbed at his throat with his newly-delicate hand and realized to his horror that his Adam’s apple had vanished.

“Jesus Christ!” He screamed in his shrill new voice, suddenly no longer feeling cocky. “What’s happening to me?!”

Beside the car, the large-breasted girl looked at him in wonder. A smile was slowly spreading across her lips, lighting up her whole face.

“You’re…” she shook her head, as if unable to believe what was happening. “You’re…”

“I’m what?!” Henry squealed. “What the fuck is…?”

And then he saw the girl smile, a triumphant smile, and felt his blood run cold.

“Ain’t it obvious, honey?” She purred. “You’re turning into a girl!”

What?! No… that can’t be…

Then Henry looked in the rearview mirror and saw the way his features were softening. Saw the way his lips were plumping up, his eyes growing wider and his nose narrowing down. Saw the strands of long, flowing blond hair starting to grow out from his crown.

He couldn’t help it. He screamed.

He screamed as his sides magically pinched inwards and his ass grew bigger, his hips pushing apart until he had a curvy, hourglass figure.

He screamed as his legs and arms shed their muscle, becoming long, hairless, slender things.

He screamed as his cock and balls vanished up inside him, leaving a little vertical slit between two plump lips.

Finally, he felt a tremendous pressure in his chest. In panic, he yanked off his seatbelt and threw open the car door.

“Ohmigod!” He squealed in his newly high-pitched, girly voice, “I think I’m gonna-!”

And then the pressure reached a crescendo and Henry talked no more.

In the blink of an eye, his chest expanded, tearing open his top, pushing out away from him, growing to ridiculous proportions.

Henry screamed and desperately tried to wrestle his brand new breasts back into his body, but they kept on growing. They kept growing and growing until they dominated the entire lower part of his vision. Kept growing until they pulled on his back so hard the pain made him sob.

Kept growing until they dwarfed any breasts he’d ever seen, even in the dirtiest porno.

“Oh wow…” laughed the girl, her eyes lit up with amusement. “Oh look at those puppies!”

Suddenly she started digging frantically through her handbag, giggling as she did so.

“I’ve gotta get a picture!”

All around the crowd were watching with open mouths. Some laughed uncertainly. Some likewise went for their cells.

All except for the Goth girl, who still stared at Henry as if in a trance, whispering that same something over and over and over.

“For God’s sakes!” Henry sobbed. “Someone, help me!”

But it was hopeless. His brand new boobs swelled up and up and up until they were like two beach balls attached to him. Until the skin stretched and his veins stood out like blue cords.

At last, they finally stopped expanding, coming to a rest on Henry’s slender new legs, as heavy as if he were holding two bowling balls on his lap.

There was one last flash of light, and Henry moaned out loud again. Looking at himself, he realized that his normal, male clothes had vanished; replaced by a pair of cutoff denim shorts, high heels, and a specially-made tank top that barely concealed his enormous breasts.

Then it was over. For a second, all was silence. A silence broken only by the sound of Henry’s breath, coming out in sharp, high-pitched little feminine gasps.

Then the girl he’d stopped to film started laughing all over again.

She laughed and laughed until tears were streaming down her cheeks and she sounded like she’d get the hiccups. She pressed one hand to her lips, and with the other pointed at Henry, her eyes shining like a girl who’s won the lottery.

“Oh my God… Oh my God…”

Slowly, a couple of others in the crowd began to giggle too. Then, suddenly, everyone was laughing. Laughing and pointing at poor, pretty little Henry, with his big fat boobs and bimbo face.

“It’s not funny!” Henry shrieked. “How am I supposed to live with… with these?!”

He glanced down at as his enormous new breasts.

“Look at me… I can barely stand!”

“It’s exactly what you deserve.” The calm voice made Henry look up. The Goth girl was stood there, arms folded, her blank expression finally replaced by a horrible sneer.

“You were tormenting that poor girl about her big boobs. Well, guess what? Now you’ve got the biggest boobs on the planet.”

Henry instinctively shrank away from the tiny, dark-haired girl stood before him.

“What are you?” He whimpered, wishing this nightmare would end.

The girl smiled.

“I’m a witch,” she declared. “And you, you’re now…”

Her smile broadened.

Henrietta. The woman with the biggest tits in history.”

With a moan, Henry looked down at his gigantic breasts, stretched out before him. They tugged on his slender new back, hurting him. With a shock, he realized even fitting through doors would be a problem from now on.

As the crowd continued to laugh, Henry glanced up into the wing mirror of his car. At the strange girl, staring back at him. A girl with a baby face, pouty lips and long blond hair. A girl with a tight waist and long, slender legs.

The sort of girl he’d have yelled at from his car, even if she didn’t have such big, sweet titties.

He slowly turned back to the Goth girl, arranging his new, female features into what he hoped was a pleading expression.

“Please…” he whimpered in his broken, high-pitched new voice. “Please, I don’t wanna be a girl… I don’t wanna have…”

He helplessly grabbed his new titties, hating the way they wobbled to his touch. Hating the feeling of his chest jiggling.

But he could tell it was useless. The Goth-girl was watching him with a shark-like grin on her face. To her side, the girl he’d once mocked for having big boobs was filming him, looking like her dreams had come true. All around him, the crowd was still laughing.

Then, suddenly, a feeling rose up in Henry. An overwhelming need to do something. Something he’d never done in public before as a man. Something that made him feel ashamed to even think about.

There, in front of all those laughing, mocking people, Henry put his pretty little face in his dainty hands, buried his head between his enormous new breasts, and started to cry.


One year later, Henrietta walked down the street, her vast breasts bouncing before her, angrily trying to ignore the stares and catcalls from cars full of guys.

It had been a horrible year for her. Horrible! Ever since getting her 32ZZ-cup breasts, she’d spent each waking moment in a private hell from which there was no escape.

Every time she went to sleep, she had to prop herself up on her pillows, trying to ignore the huge mountains sticking out of her body, weighing on her chest, threatening to suffocate her.

Every time she entered a building, she had to turn sideways to get through the door, grunting away as her breasts brushed up against the doorframe.

And every time she ventured outside, a million men seemed to congregate around her, all screaming obscenities.

“Hey! Hey, big tits! Go on, give us a flash!”

At the sound of the mocking, male voice, Henrietta gave a miserable whimper and lowered her eyes. Her long blond hair fell over her forehead, hiding her eyeline from the guys beside her. But it didn’t help

She still had to stare at those hideous breasts of hers.

With every step they took, they wobbled away in her custom-made bra, jiggling about, forcibly reminding her of her transformation. Even now, 12 months later, she still couldn’t get used to it.

She’d tried having breast-reduction surgery, so many times. But it never worked. No matter what the doctors did, her boobs magically grew back to the same, hideous size.

She’d tried dieting. Exercising. But it was impossible. She was magically doomed to always have the biggest boobs in human history.

And that meant any hope of a normal life was out of the question.

“Hey, sugartits, wanna come over here and sit on my lap?”

Henrietta began to walk faster, her cheeks flushing red – with anger, with humiliation.

Assholes! She thought, furiously. Why do men have to be such goddamn jerks?

After a year as Henrietta, she knew only too well what men thought of her. That she was a slut. That her big tits meant she would put out for anyone.

She’d lost count of the number of guys who’d ‘accidentally’ knocked her tits while she was out shopping. Lost count of the number of guys who’d come onto her in clubs, unable to take their eyes off her vast chest. Lost count of the number of guys who’d asked her if she did porn.

The worst part was, they were right.

Ever since that fateful day she’d been transformed, Henrietta had only been able to get work in one field. At first, she’d refused, wanting to keep at least a modicum of dignity.

But as time wore on and her money dried up, she’d finally had to bite the bullet.

Now here she was, walking to the studio where she was about to film a gangbang scene. Twenty muscular men, taking turns with her.

Twenty muscular men, shooting their loads across her big new titties.

Twenty muscular men, using her ridiculous body in the only way they knew how.

“C’mon babe, don’t be shy!”

In the car beside her, Henrietta heard the group of guys howl with laughter, a sound that almost drowned out the wolf whistles from the teenagers across the street.

It’s not fair! She sobbed inside herself. It’s not fair!

But she was powerless to do anything.

She was Henrietta now. Henrietta Holly, the porn star famous across the world for her big breasts. Breasts she was magically fated to have until the day she died.

And the worst part was, deep down, in the tiny part of her that was still Henry, Henrietta knew she deserved everything that was happening to her.

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(picture credit: more breasts, by craigfinlay, reproduced from Flickr under a creative commons 2.0 license)