New Book, Swapped Into a School Girl, now available for $2.99


Did you used to dream about getting your own back on the bullies at school? What if your plan somehow went wrong? What if, instead of turning your enemies into girls, you accidentally changed yourself into one? What then?

That’s the conundrum at the heart of my latest TG novel, a 17k word transgender fantasy-romance set in the bittersweet world of high school. Effeminate, bullied Noah tries to put a curse on the school bully, only to find himself transformed into beautiful, popular, blond cheerleader Nora. Even worse, his former-enemy now has romantic feelings for him!

I wrote this one coz it’s been a while since I wrote a school story where the main characters were sympathetic. Unlike most of my victims, Noah hasn’t done anything. He’s just a shy kid who slips up, and ends up swapped into skirts as punishment. But don’t worry, this isn’t a depressing book. By the time you reach the end, you might well find yourself thinking that Noah will be happier as a girl than he ever could be as a boy…

What are you waiting for? Follow this link now to buy yourselves a copy! See you over at Amazon, my darling sissies!

Lisa X