Gender-Swap Land, New Book Available Now!


Hey, sissies!

So, my new book hits the shelves today. It’s a bit of a departure for me, maybe the first TG book I’ve written that might be called a horror. It features a town full of helpless, macho men getting swapped one by one into beautiful, submissive women by an evil Queen!

This one’s got a LOT of gender-transformation scenes, and some non-human transformation, too. It revisits the ‘evil goddess’/total power themes of my previous books Swapped at School and Becoming Christine. Needless to say, it features some supremely dark and deliciously kinky moments… There are also some personal elements in this one, taken from my own life, which you can read all about in my little afterword.

So what are y’all waiting for? Follow this link and buy it nowGender-Swap Land. See you there, sissies!

Lisa out! X

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