My HOT New TG Tale, Available Now


Hey sissies!

Need something to drive away those start-of-the-week, middle-of-winter blues? Check out my HOT new erotic TG novel Gender Swapped at the Beach Party, available now exclusively on Amazon for $2.99. That’s 16,000 words of naughty gender-swap action for less than a cup of coffee!

I came at this one with a desire to do two things. First, I wanted to write a proper erotic romance novel again. My last few efforts, much as I love them, have all been either Sci-Fi fantasies or straight-up romances. This one has plenty of story to round the characters out… but it’s also got enough steamy action to keep all you kinky TG fans happy!

The other thing I wanted to do was write a novel set somewhere a bit exotic, where the characters were on vacation and the normal rules didn’t apply. I’ve only been to the Caribbean once – with my boyfriend two years ago –  but it made enough of an impression that I didn’t hesitate to pick it as my location.

That’s enough from me. Follow the link above to check it out and read the blurb on Amazon. See you there, my darlings! X

Featured image Sexy Girls 2 by Themeplus, used freely from Flickr with modifications (without endorsement) under a Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 license.