My HOT New Sci-Fi TG Tale, Avaliable NOW


Hello my darlings…

So, I just wrote a super-twisted TG Sci-fi horror: Gender-Swapped for Her Pleasure. It’s HOT. It’s twisted. It’s all sortsa weird and fucked up… and it’s available now for less than than a cup of coffee! Check that link up there to read the blurb, and click Amazon’s ‘look inside’ tab for a cheeky free sample 😉

This is the first book I wrote where the main character, Zayne, is gender-swapped by science instead of magic, and it gave me some whole new, kinky avenues to explore. Being forced to become a beautiful, synthetic woman means Zayne isn’t even human anymore. He’s a literal sex object, something that exists only for other men’s pleasure, and you better believe he finds that out the hard way! Writing the slow process of Zayne’s memories being deleted, and replaced with new, ultra-submissive ones was a perverted joy for me. I only hope you sissies get as much pleasure from reading it as I did writing it.

Y’all still here? Head over to Amazon now and check it out! And don’t forget to watch this space for my next FREE TG tale. It’s coming very soon, I promise!

Lisa out! X

Featured image Aliah by Female beauty, 21 million, used freely from Flickr with modifications (without endorsement) under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.