FREE Story: The Best Valentine’s Day Ever


Rob would remember that Valentine’s Day for the rest of his life.

It started when he handed his girlfriend Amy the special little box. The one he’d had so carefully wrapped in that seductive red paper the store offered.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, hot stuff,” he whispered with a wink, “I got them just for you…”

Amy had taken the tiny box with a frown, her cute little button nose wrinkling slightly. With her flowing blonde hair, sky blue eyes, soft baby face and hourglass curves, she was the hottest woman Rob had been out with by far.

“This better not be what I think it is,” she said, eyeing him narrowly. “If you’ve gone and got me a present that’s more for you…”

“Hey, baby, c’mon,” Rob said, “would I do something like that? Trust me…”

He dropped her a wink.

“This is a present both of us are gonna enjoy.”

For a moment, Amy didn’t seem convinced. Then she slowly started unwrapping the gift, her slender fingers gently pulling at the pink satin bow.

Inside himself, Rob gave a little sigh of relief. He’d only been going out with Amy for six months, since they met at that club in the city, but already he knew she had a temper to watch out for.

Whenever she got mad, she kept yelling that one day she was gonna curse him, like a crazy old crone from some children’s book.

Amy undid the last piece of bow, gently opened the box and gave a sigh. She plucked out Rob’s gift and held it in the air before her, a look of utter contempt on her gorgeous features.

“Panties.” She said, as if she couldn’t believe it, “you got me panties.”

In her hands were a thin, lacy pair of expensive panties Rob had picked up at that Victoria’s Secret in the mall. They were a deep, lustful red, woven together so thinly that nothing would be left to the imagination. On the mannequin, they’d looked incredible.

On Amy, Rob was willing to bet they’d look dynamite.

“Try them on,” he urged, not realizing that with every word he was sealing his horrifying fate, “they’ll look great on you.”

But Amy was glaring at him in a way Rob wasn’t at all sure he liked.

Oh shit, did I misjudge this…?

“Panties.” Amy repeated, her voice low, dangerous. “You got me panties. After I went out and spent over a thousand dollars getting you a watch, you got me God. Damn. Panties.”

“A watch?” Rob’s mouth dropped open. “Honey, that’s awesome. How did you know I wanted a-?”

“The same way I knew what to get you for Christmas. I listen. I don’t just go out and buy my partner sexy shit in the hopes she’ll jump my bones.”

Amy stared at the panties in disgust, like they were radioactive.

“What the hell were you thinking? Don’t you know I don’t like this sorta shit?”

Rob could feel the conversation getting away from him. He desperately tried to claw the romance back.

“But Amy, baby, those were expensive. ‘Sides,” he suddenly demanded, “when was the last time you dressed up sexy for me, huh?”

“I knew it.” Amy’s eyes flashed. “You’re just like all the others. You say it’s all about me, but really everything is all about you and your pathetic dick.”

Rob’s brow darkened.

“Well, goddamnit Amy, if you won’t even wear a pair of fucking panties for me, I don’t know what…”

If Rob had stopped there, he might never have had his horrifying ordeal. He might even still be human now.

But he didn’t. Like the arrogant male he was, Rob just kept on talking.

“…I don’t know what I’m doing with you,” he finished, angrily.

He expected Amy to shout. To argue. Instead, something much, much worse happened.

“That’s it!” His girlfriend yelled, her eyes flashing with anger. She threw the panties to one side, her face dark, menacing.

“You like panties so much? You can try being them!”

Then suddenly she was pointing at Rob and whispering something under her breath. The air crackled with electricity. A strange feeling washed over Rob’s skin. He looked down…

…and screamed.

Before his eyes, his body was changing. His arms were bunching up against his sides, molding into his body, even as his shoulders stretched outwards.

Rob frantically looked up at his girlfriend.

“What the hell have you…?!”

Amy gave him an evil smile.

“Just what I said I did,” she said. “I never told you I was a witch, did I? Well, guess what?”

Her smile grew wider.

“Now you’re gonna find out the hard way.”

Rob was shrinking. Even as he tried to plead for mercy, the room swelled up around him. Amy’s gloating face rose in his vision, becoming big, impossibly big, bigger than the sun. The edges of the sofa swept away from him, and suddenly Rob was a tiny little thing in the middle of a vast leather desert.

“Wha-what’s happening?!” He screamed.

Amy’s eyes twinkled with laughter.

“Don’t worry, baby,” she crooned, “you’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Rob’s legs were folding up into his body, disappearing, even as his shoulders continued to stretch. His entire body was a strange sort of wide, triangle shape now. As Rob watched in horror, his entire form suddenly turned a lustful, seductive red; see-through and delicate.

It was all too obvious where this was going.

Rob watched in horror as two large holes appeared in his sides, perfect for slipping legs through.

He watched in horror as his body stopped being solid, becoming nothing but flimsily woven satin and lace.

And he watched in horror as his head shrank into his body, flattened out, and the last traces of his human form vanished forever.

And then it was over, there was one last flash of light, and suddenly Rob was trapped in the dark.

The blackness pressed close against his skin, suffocating him. Faintly, in the gloom, he could make out two long, pale cylinders, bigger than he was, stretching away from him.

What…? He frantically tried to say, but no sounds came out. With a start, Rob realized he didn’t even have a mouth to talk with anymore.

There was something pressed against his back, something warm and soft that seemed to… fill him, somehow, almost like he was wrapped around it. Even in the depths of his confusion, Rob could smell a faint sort of mustiness to it, feel a faint dampness.

Where am I? What’s happening? Oh God…

Then the voice came, and Rob felt like fainting.

“Well now…” the voice seemed to come from everywhere at once, loud, commanding, sending little vibrations through Rob’s new body. “Let’s see how the spell turned out, shall we. Baby?”

That’s… that’s Amy! Rob thought, frantically. But where…?

And then the two pink cylinders moved, raising him up, up, up into the air, and Rob had a sudden, awful realization.

The cylinders weren’t cylinders at all. They were legs. Amy’s legs.

Rob was somehow trapped in his girlfriend’s crotch.

The legs moved, carrying him across the floor, two giant pink things with thighs that gently rubbed up against him with each step, squashing him. Somewhere behind him, Rob felt the pert cheeks of Amy’s firm ass gently curving against a new part of his body. Felt her pussy, pressed up against his back.

No.. no.. please…

“I didn’t want to do this, Rob,” Amy’s voice came again, hard and determined. “But you really shouldn’t have messed with me. Not after what happened to my other boyfriends.”

Other boyfriends? But you never mentioned…

And then there was no time left to think at all.

The legs stopped moving. There was the sound of a zipper being undone, and then light was breaking into Rob’s cave, blinding him. He tried to shut his eyes, but he no longer had any eyes left to shut.

With a soft flump, Amy’s jeans dropped down to the floor, and then the cool air of Rob’s apartment was caressing his new skin.

No! No… anything but that!

“Well?” Purred Amy, “like what you see?”

Stood directly in front of Rob was a figure-length mirror, his girlfriend’s dynamite body reflected in it. She’d take off her jeans and top, and was now dressed only in her underwear, her tight waist, big boobs, flat stomach and wide hips all on display.

But it wasn’t Amy’s figure that made Rob feel like fainting. It was what she was wearing.

There, clinging tight to Amy’s hips were the flimsiest, sexiest panties Rob had ever seen.

They were a deep, seductive red, thin and nearly-see through. They clung to Amy’s perfect thighs in a kind of V-shape, rising slightly as they curved around toward her butt.

They were frilly at the edges, delicately patterned with tiny swirls and shapes that almost blocked your view of what they contained. They were narrower around her pussy, barely concealing Amy’s delicious cunt from prying eyes.

They were expensive. They were sexy.

And they were him.

“I turned you into my panties, Rob,” Amy said, her distant voice amused. At his new, crotch-height level, Rob couldn’t see her face in the mirror, but he bet she was smiling.

“You wanted to make me look sexy for you, so now you’ll make me look sexy whenever I wear you.”

Suddenly, one of Amy’s hips shot upwards, throwing Rob onto a strange angle. One hand, now nearly the size of him, came down and clasped itself against him, its long fingernails playing with his fabric.

With a little internal moan, Rob realized his girlfriend was striking a pose.

“The spell is permanent,” Amy was saying. “That means I couldn’t change you back, even if I wanted to.”

“So guess what? You’ll spend the rest of your life as my panties, helping me seduce handsome studs, feeling me get all wet whenever a big, strong man starts kissing me. You’ll have me sit in you, have my pussy rubbed up against you, you’ll be closer to me than any man has ever been, and yet you’ll never be able to take any pleasure from it.”

“How does that sound… panties?”

Rob was silent. There was nothing he could say. How could he possibly articulate the horror he was feeling?

“Good.” Amy gave a light little giggle. She playfully ran the fingers of one hand over Rob’s front, pressing against him, pressing him up against her pussy.

“In a second,” she whispered, “I’m gonna get dressed. Then I’m gonna go out, and find some lonely alpha male and let him seduce me. We’re gonna come back here, to your apartment, and then do you know what I’m gonna do?”

She giggled.

“I’m gonna strip for him. Nice and slow. And when he tries to take my new panties off, I’m gonna whisper that he can do anything he likes to me, so long as he lets me keep these on.”

Deep inside her crotch, Rob could feel his former-girlfriend starting to get wet. She gently stroked her own slit through Rob’s thin fabric, letting a tiny bead of moisture collect on him.

“We’re gonna fuck all night long, you yanked to one side, bunched up against my thighs, unable to close your eyes or look away while some big-dicked stud violates me. Violates me on your bed.”

Her voice dropped until it was almost inaudible.

“And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Silence. For a long moment, boyfriend and girlfriend simply stood there, Amy gently playing with Rob’s lacy new form, Rob staring in utter horror at the panties in the mirror. The panties he would now spend the rest of his life as.

Abruptly, Amy dropped her hand away from him. Bent forward, clasped her jeans and pulled them up, sealing Rob back in his horrible cave.

“Right,” he heard his girlfriend say, “time to go enjoy my Valentine’s Day.”

Then the pink cylinders were swinging again, Amy was walking, and Rob had no choice but to let himself be dragged along with her, screaming inside his head as they went.

“I think,” he heard his girlfriend giggle as they walked toward the apartment door, “that today is gonna be the best Valentine’s Day ever!”


All that was three years ago.

Since then, Rob has seen men come and go in Amy’s life. Seen them seduce her, seen them undress her, seen the way their eyes go bright with lust when they first see her special pair of panties.

He’s lain, draped over chairs in strange apartments, listening to big, handsome hunks fuck his former-girlfriend, listening in misery as Amy screams and some strange guy grunts and all he can do is lie there and want to cry.

He’s spent months at a time locked away in draws, waiting for Amy to wear him again. Waiting to feel her pussy pressed up against him, if only for a single evening.

He’s hidden under her skirt in clubs, watching her feet move far below in time to loud music. He’s sat bunched around her ankles in women’s toilets as Amy casually chats with her friend in the cubicle next to her. He’s been gently slipped up her long, slender legs more times than he can count.

But at least he knows he’s no longer alone.

In the last 36 months, Rob has seen Amy transform dozens of guys. There are strong guys trapped as her bras, fashion conscious men permanently stuck as her dresses, businessmen now doomed to spend eternity as a cute little pair of heels.

Whenever she gets bored with a man, Amy the witch turns him into a new item of clothing. A pair of cut-off shorts. A bikini top. Even a pair of white cotton stockings. In all the time he’s been her property, Rob has never known her to have to shop for clothes.

But there’s one thing he’s never, ever seen anyone else transformed into.

He’s never seen Amy turn another man into a pair of panties.

Deep down, Rob likes to think this means he is special. That he and only he is worthy of this position, of being the piece of material hiding Amy’s gorgeous ass and plump little pussy from prying eyes.

Amy has never said this, of course, but Rob still likes to think it’s true. Still likes to think that when Amy slips him over her long, heavenly legs, she’s doing it to make him happy.

Because there’s something else Rob has discovered, too. Something he never thought possible.

Trapped as Amy’s sexy panties, he’s realized that for the first time in his life, he is truly happy.


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