My HOT New TG Tale, Available NOW for $1.99!


Hey Sissies!

Looking for something to chase away those Monday morning blues? Mistress Lisa has just the thing for you… my new TG tale, Days of Summer, is available now for an incredible $1.99! That’s not just less than a cup of coffee, that’s less than a cup of just about anything you wonderful sissies could care to name 😉

I wrote this body-hopping/possession tale after rounding out my last short story collection with a possession storyline and deciding I kinda liked the genre. My new effort is a quickie, but I like to think it’s something we can all connect with a little bit. The idea of stealing the body of your best friend’s girlfriend in order to seduce him is something I’m sure many of us have idly thought about at one time or another. The difference is, the ‘hero’ of my new tale has the power to make it a reality…

If you wanna find out what happens next, head over Amazon and buy yourself a copy now. If you like it, don’t forget to leave a review! The only thing nicer than writing my twisted little tales for you beautiful sissies is knowing that you’re enjoying them.

Lisa out! X