Buy My New TG Short Story Collection NOW!


Here’s something about me my regular readers will already know: I freakin’ love short stories. To read, to write. Over the last 4 months, I’ve published 8 FREE TG tales on this very blog for my beautiful fans to enjoy, free of charge, totaling around 25k words.  You don’t get that from most other TG-fiction writers!

After writing my first four short stories, I gathered them into a little collection and released them as an ebook, complete with a bonus 5.5k word tale not available anywhere else. That volume Swapped Into a Girl, wound up being one of my  favorite collections, so when I’d finished the next 4 tales, it was a no-brainer that I’d release them too. Hence my latest ebook: Turned Into a Girl

As last time, the first 4 tales are all reprints from this very blog. But this time the exclusive bonus tale runs at almost 6.5k words – almost enough for me to dress it up and sell it as a separate ebook. I do hope you enjoy it: it features a young man who gains the ability to turn his male enemies into beautiful, horny bimbos… and make them all fall desperately in love with him. It’s weird. It’s kinky. It’s twisted. And I think y’all are gonna love it 😉

Hit the above link to check it out on Amazon now. See you there, my lovelies!

Lisa X