Super-Discount Mega Bundle, 13 novellas/150k Words, available NOW for just $2.99!

Mega Bundle

Hey sissies!

I’ve been a bit quiet the last few weeks (not my fault, promise! Things are craaaazy at home right now), and I know y’all are missing my free stories and blogging shenanigans. Well, I haven’t quite got a new story yet (check back next week), but I have got a special offer. You can now buy my 13 book MEGA BUNDLE She Turned You Into a Beautiful Girl online for only $2.99! That’s over 150k words of TG action for less than 23 cents a book!!!

There’s two reasons I’m putting out this new collection now. One is my sorta kinda celebration of International Women’s Day (yep, I’m a day late, my bad!) – and what better way to celebrate the awesomeness of women by releasing a book about 13 men being turned into girls? 😉

The other, more important reason is that I wanted to say a little ‘thank you’ to all you readers. You beautiful sissies are the reason I keep writing, and one of the only things that keeps me going when times get bad. I want all of you to know just how lucky I feel to have you on my side in this weird, unfriendly world.

Y’all still here? Hit that link up there and buy my new collection NOW. See you back here soon my darlings!

Lisa X

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