My Twisted new TG novel, available NOW!


There are two kinds of books I write. Romances, where a boy becomes a girl, and uses the opportunity to express his feelings for his straight male friends. And Revenge stories, where a wronged woman is granted the powers to make the men in her life suffer… usually by turning them into big-titted bimbos!

My newest novel, The Gender Swap Games, falls into the latter camp. It’s the tale of a world ruled by women, where men are used as oiled and naked slaves. Any man who dares rebel is sent on the Games, where they must fight to retain their gender… or risk being turned into busty French maids! Or sex-addicted bimbo secretaries. Or hick farm girls with big boobs and tiny brains. Or cheerleaders, or strippers, or… well, you darling sissies get the idea 😉

I wrote this one coz I wanted to write a revenge story on a grand scale. There’s something so intoxicating about the idea of entire gender under the control of powerful, sadistic women that it makes me squirm just thinking about it! But I also wanted an excuse to include multiple transformation scenes. If you’re one of my loyal readers who gets a kick outta my descriptions of physical transformation, then this is the TG novel for you…

So what are y’all waiting for? Head over to Amazon and buy it now!

See you there, my darlings!

Lisa X