New TG Romance ‘My New Life as a School Girl’ Out Now!


Heya sissies!

It took a while, but my new TG romance is finally on the shelves for y’all to enjoy. I’m happy with this one: it features a deluded jock who discovers just how popular he really is when his school forces him to become a girl! If the idea of a strong, macho 18-year old boy being forced to dress in skirts, go on dates with boys, and deal with having big ol’ boobies and a tight little snatch sounds like your sort of thing, follow this link and buy it NOW! My New Life as a School Girl.

I wrote this one coz it’s been a while since I wrote a high school story, and they’re some of my favorites (both as a writer and a reader of TG stories!). I think there’s something about being that age that makes you really think about this sort of stuff: what if I’d been born a boy instead of a girl, or a girl instead of a boy? While none of us will ever really know what that would be like, we can at least imagine it. And I like to think that this book shows I have a good imagination where TG daydreams are concerned 😉

So what are y’all waiting for? Hit that link up there and grab yourselves a copy on Amazon now! And if you liked that, check out my other tale of teenage gender transformation The Boy Who Became a School Girl.

Have fun, my darlings…

Lisa out! X