Flashback: Buy My Smokin’ Hot TG Novel ‘Belonging to the Billionaire’ NOW!


There’s a kinky thrill in the idea of losing everything. Of seeing your money vanish, your job, even your gender, and becoming the property of someone else. An unthinking pleasure machine, existing solely to do their bidding. In my stories, that ‘someone else’ is usually a sexy, powerful woman with unlimited control over the men in her life. And the ‘you’ I mentioned? You’re just the beautiful gender-swapped bimbo who exists only to please her with your big boobs, pert ass and pouty little lips.

Has that little paragraph piqued your interest, my dears? Well, that’s the life awaiting playboy Blake Stonehouse in my thrilling TG novel Belonging to the Billionaire

Stripped of his manhood, turned into a blonde 22-year old with supermodel legs and a heavy pair of breasts, magically forced to serve his bewitching ex-wife as her bimbo secretary, alpha male Blake finds himself trapped in a beautiful erotic nightmare from which there is no escape! Before the day is out, this poor, trapped man is going to discover the sick, masochistic thrill of being used and abused by his mistress… and even what it’s like to be penetrated by a muscular man…

I published this one in August ’16, and it’s one of my favorites! If any of you beautiful sissies missed it last time, now’s the time to hit that link up there and buy it now. Or check out my other tale of erotic gender-swap action and billionaire seduction Turned Into the Billionaire’s Wife. Enjoy the show, my darlings!

Lisa X