Buy My New TG Romance ‘How I was Turned into a Pregnant Girl’ NOW!


Heya sissies!

So, I just finished my first TG pregnancy story in aaaaaages, and I’m super-super excited to share it with y’all. It’s got a strong man who discovers just how hard life can be for a pregnant woman when his wife forces him to get a sex change and start carrying around their kid! If you’re looking for a story about a guy being forced to deal with a swollen belly, pregnancy cravings, and breasts that are sore and heavy with milk, hit this link and buy it NOW! How I Was Turned Into a Pregnant Girl.

I’d taken a break from this genre coz it wasn’t selling so well, and I wanted to concentrate on my high school romances. But a few positive reviews I’ve got on Amazon recently for my M-Preg back catalog has convinced me to try again. Only this time, I wanted to make sure I covered a long, long, looong period in my characters’ lives. This book takes place over 9 whole months, so y’all can get a delicious insight into what it feels like to be male and pregnant! There’s also a hot little romance in there, too, plus some bisexual stuff that was so, so much fun to write 😉

Like what you’re hearing? Good. Hit that link up there and buy yourself a copy soon as. And if you liked that, don’t forget to check out my other TG M-preg tale She Forced Him to Get Pregnant.

See you in the funny pages, sissies!

Lisa X