Buy the Final Part of My HOT Paranormal TG Romance Series NOW!


Hey sissies!

So, my last TG novel left things on a darkly-kinky cliffhanger, as alpha vampire-hunter Jason Harker woke up to discover he was now trapped as sexy, obedient Jasmine; love-slave of the deliciously-hunky vampire the Count! I know y’all have been holding your breath, waiting to see what happens next. Well, I’ve got some sparkling news, my little chicks. Part two is out now, and it’s more-twisted than ever! Turned Into the Vampire’s Bride II.

Regular readers will know I like to play favorites with my kinky little themes. Anything involving revenge, body-puppet control, forbidden seduction, and strong men discovering how it feels to be trapped in a feminine body that’s desperate for cock is enough to get me shivering. In this book, Jason must battle his beautiful new female body as it screams at him to worship the Count’s dick, to feast on other human beings, to be a good little female slave. Will he escape his curse… or will he himself having steamy sex with a HOT undead guy? I guess y’all are gonna have to buy it to find out 😉

Still here? Hit that link and buy it NOW. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Part One first. Remember sissies, your mistress commands it heehee! 😉

Lisa out! X