My Mega-Discount TG Collection, FIVE books for $2.99!


Hey sissies!

So, I guess you’ve noticed that I’ve been keeping radio silence on this blog for a little while now. Fear not, your favorite writer of kink hasn’t gone and gotten herself a non-TG writing career (the horror!) – I’m just super-busy with some side projects, and working on my newest novel (which has been a bitch to write). It’s coming soon, but in the meantime, I got a special treat for y’all. For the next few weeks, you can now buy my newest five book, 70,000 word collection at a temporary discount of only $2.99 – that’s less than 60 cents a book!

Each of the tales in this bundle is set in a place I think will be very familiar to my wonderful readers, and TG fans in general: the crazy, confusing, maddening world of high school. Most of us can remember how it felt to be stuck as a teenager, worrying we were in the wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong body. In these five tales, the boys involved get to find out what school life would be like if they were suddenly transformed into beautiful girls! As you can probably guess, life turns out to be much more-intense, much kinkier, and much more-beautiful than they could possibly have imagined!

So there you are, my dears, a little ‘thank you’ from Mistress Lisa for being such loyal readers. Now, hit that link up there and buy it now! Oh, and check back here next week. I should have a FREE special treat for all my darling sissies lined up. No spoilers… 😉

Lisa out! X

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