My New Erotic TG Sci-Fi tale, Turned Into a Fembot, Available on Amazon


There’s something incredibly hot about the idea of total obedience, of a human reprogrammed to only exist for another person’s pleasure. Especially when that human is a beautiful bimbo who used to be a big, strong man…

Regular readers will know this is a theme I like to come back to time and again in my TG books. Although men being turned into busty, obedient maids is my favorite variation to write, I do love a good fembot story. The more control I can write, the hotter I think the story is. The more dramatic the changes, the more it gets my juices flowing – creative and otherwise 😉 The more total the hopeless man’s reprogramming, the more he loses his identity, the more he comes to feel like a helpless object just waiting to be fucked… darlings, that is what makes a simple girl like me feel hot.

That’s the focus of my brand new gender swap tale: Turned Into a Fembot. It features a brilliant billionaire scientist who finds himself gender swapped and reprogrammed for total obedience. It features a sexy young woman who discovers she’s not as human as she thought she was. And it features a sexy puppet master so powerful, so manipulative and so in control that it’s making me wet just thinking about it… and it can be yours for less than a cup of coffee!

Feeling a little hot under the collar? Hit that link and download it now. Oh, and check back here later in the week. I should have a kinky little FREE surprise waiting for y’all 😉 See you soon my darling sissies…

Lisa out! X