My New TG Romance, How I Became a School Girl, out now!


If you had just one little wish, what would it be? To become rich, to become powerful? Or would you wish to become the school girl of your dreams…? 

My latest protagonist, Jonah, doesn’t even have to think twice. With one little wish, he goes from being a shy and lonely boy to Johanna, the prettiest, most-popular girl at school! There’s only one catch: he has until the end of senior prom to find his one true love, or he’ll lose his gorgeous new female body forever. Wanna see what happens? Hit this link and buy the book NOW! How I Became a School Girl.

If you’ve been on this blog before, you’ll know I loooove a good high school TG romance story. The idea of a teenage boy magically finding himself trapped as a beautiful school girl is the stuff my sweetest dreams are made of… and, judging by the response my humble scribblings get, maybe some of your dreams, too 😜 Heehee!

Usually, I like to write characters who are forced against their will to become female. This time, the hero is fighting to keep the gorgeous feminine body – with its long hair, innocent eyes and pert little boobies – that matches his true gender identity. Will he succeed in staying female? You’ll have to buy it to find out…

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of my last TG high school romance too: The School Boy Who Turned Into a Girl

See ya in the funny pages!

Lisa X