My HOT New Gender Swap Book is 99¢


Yep, you read that right. As a special treat for all you sissies, I’m selling my latest release, Male to Female Bodyswap: Becoming His Sexy Boss! for a bargain basement 99¢. That’s 0.0012 cents per steamy word of TG erotic action for all you girlies to enjoy!

This is a reissue of a short story I originally published in my collection Swapped Into a Girl (Amazon, $2.99). It’s one of my favorite things I’ve written under 7.5k words, and I wanted to make sure all my fans got a chance to read it. It features a disgruntled worker who discovers he can jump into the body of his sexy boss, and make her do things a good girl would never dream of doing! It’s got hot TG action, descriptions of a man stuck in a woman’s gorgeous body, and a twist ending I’m not gonna spoil here. Click the link above to buy it now, or read on for a sneak preview…

Sneak Preview

Darren woke up with a start. He sat up, pushing his long, dark hair out his eyes and blinked blearily around the room.

Where am I…?

His room was different. Brighter. Messier. A bra had casually been flung over the back of one chair, a pair of heels kicked off beside it.

As Darren sat there, he realized with a mild sensation of surprise that he could see perfectly without his glasses.

What the…? He just had time to wonder.

And then he happened to glance down…

…and nearly screamed.

His bedclothes had changed. Where he’d gone to bed wearing only his boxers, he was now dressed in a small, white tank-top, and a pair of lacy pink panties.

But it wasn’t the clothes themselves that made Darren feel like fainting.

There, attached to his chest, the fabric of his white tank-top stretched tight across them, was the biggest pair of breasts he’d ever seen.

They were firm and big and ripe, their nipples hard and gently scratching at the cotton of his new top. Below them, his sides seemed to suck inwards, giving him a tight waist. His pink panties clung to a pair of curvy hips and a round, peach-like bum, at the top of a pair of slender legs.

With a feeling of shock, Darren jumped out of bed and ran to the full-length mirror. The movement made his big breasts jump and jiggle around and his long, dark hair trail out behind him.

But Darren didn’t care. He had to see.

“Oh my God…” he whimpered in a voice that was suddenly soft and high-pitched, “how…?”

From the other side of the mirror, Mimi stared back at him, her face a mask of shock. Her long hair was in disarray, her dynamite body hidden only by a flimsy tank top and a pair of lacy pink panties.

Her brown eyes were wide, her plump lips dangling open. She was beautiful. She was Mimi.

And she was him

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