New Sparkly New TG Short Story Collection!


Short stories are the absolute best and the absolute worst for a writer. Worst because you don’t have space to develop characters or fit in all the scenes you want. Best because you’re forced to quickly paint your characters in dazzling colors and wow readers with your coolest scenes. It’s a writing style I enjoy, enough to keep posting free TG stories on this blog. It’s these sparkly tales that form my new collection He Was Turned Into a Girl.

Inside are four of my favorite recent stories, plus an exclusive 8k word tale not available elsewhere (that’s longer than some actual books other writers publish). All feature strong men who find themselves trapped as submissive women. All explore what it feels like to become a beautiful girl. All are equally exciting, romantic and HOT.

I’ve priced this collection at less than a cup of coffee, so what are you waiting for? Hit this link and buy it now! Enjoy my latest scribblings, my beautiful sissies…

Lisa X