My New TG Book is Sexy and Weird as Hell


Hey, sissies!

I hope you all like weirdness, coz I’ve just put the finishing touches on my latest gender swap novel, School of Swap and it’s crazy as Hell.

The idea is one I’ve been kicking around ever since I wrote Swapped at Schoolmy short story about a girl who finds a magic ring that gives her the power to turn people into anything she wants. Only, in this version, the main character is a boy who discovers a book where anything written down will instantly come true. There’s only one catch: to use it, he’ll have to give up his gender… and transform himself into a darkly beautiful, flame-haired, all-powerful Goddess.

There are a lot of crazy transformations in this one. Men become schoolgirls, schoolgirls become weird, twisted monsters, and everyone winds up with some freaky, kinky shit happening to them. It’s dark, it’s weird, it’s sexy, and it’s probably the strangest thing I’ve ever written. Sound like your cup of tea? (As the Brits say) Hit the top link above and buy it NOW. Coz if you don’t, your mistress may have to transform you too… hee hee 😉

Mistress Lisa X