My new TG novel Becoming Juliet, available now!


Imagine being a grown man who wakes up one morning to find himself in the body of a gorgeous 18-year old schoolgirl. Imagine being forced to wear an adorable little uniform and do exactly what the head girl told you to. Now imagine you were endlessly surrounded by beautiful schoolgirls like you, but unable to feel any attraction towards them – or toward anyone who wasn’t a muscular male stud…

Sounds like torture, right? Well, that’s what poor pervert James is forced to experience in my newest novel Becoming Juliet, After being caught spying on schoolgirls, James is punished by being turned into one!

If you like stories of grown men being forced to restart their lives as blushing virgin schoolgirls, or of transformed guys learning to unhappily deal with having magnificent breasts and the secret hots for beefy jocks, or of gender-swapped men forced to obey powerful women, hit that link and buy a copy NOW!

Many kisses, my darling sissies…

Mistress Lisa