Hire Me to Write Your Personal Gender Swap Story!

Photo via Pixabay. Posed by model.

Do you ever wish you could experience yourself being forced by magic to become your wife’s beautiful, utterly-obedient French maid? Do you secretly desire to be trapped forever between the legs of a gorgeous woman? Do you dream about being uploaded into the body of a curvy fembot and reprogrammed to fulfill any man’s desires?

Well, I’ve got some good news, my darling sissies. You can now hire me to take your darkest, most-shameful TG fantasies and turn them into a professionally-written eBook! For a reasonable fee, I will write any gender swap story you desire, featuring whatever characters, situations and romantic encounters you would like to see.

Just hit that link up there – or click Stories for you on the header of my blog – to learn more, and tell me all about your shameful desires. Don’t worry my darlings, your naughty secrets are safe with me…. heehee 😉

Mistress Lisa X