Check Out My New Gender Swap Fantasy ‘The Teacher Who Became a Teenage Girl’!


Imagine waking one day to discover you were young again. That all the trials and tribulations of adulthood had vanished, and you were a carefree teenager once more. There’s only one catch: you’ve also woken up as the opposite gender!

That’s the impossible situation unhappy, middle-aged teacher Simon finds himself thrown into in my latest TG fantasy novella The Teacher Who Became a Teenage Girl. After a nasty accident, Simon wakes up to find himself trapped in the body of 15-year old Sofia, the prettiest girl at school! Suddenly adrift in a world of fashion, boys, lipstick, and girl-talk, this grown man must find out what caused his magical transformation… or risk being stuck as a cute teen girl forever!

This is a PG tale, y’all, so don’t go buying it if you’re looking for some hot and heavy action (try my other tale They Turned Me into a School Girl if that’s more your thing). But if you love the idea of rediscovering yourself as a cute, carefree teenage girl and living the gender-swapped high school life you always wanted, this one is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that top link and buy a copy NOW!

Lisa out!