‘The Teenage Boy Who Woke Up as a Girl’ out NOW!


Imagine one day you were given the chance to turn yourself into the teenage girl of your dreams. Would you have the guts to do it? And if you did, would you be able to adjust to life as the cutest girl at school, when everyone else knew you used to be a boy?

That’s the dilemma at the heart of my latest TG fantasy romance The Teenage Boy Who Woke Up as a Girl. Out of nowhere, shy teen Oliver is given the chance to become Olivia, the beautiful, carefree girl ALL the boys at school wanna to be with! But his wonderful gift comes with a price: he must convince the rest of the world to let him stay this way. Or risk losing his dream new transgender life forever

This is another of my PG-13 tales, so don’t be expecting any sex (well, OK, there might be a bit of sex…), but do be expecting plenty of magical gender swapping action, sparkly descriptions of a boy embarking on his new life as a teenage girl, lipstick, shopping, adorable teenage crushes, and more! If you ever wished you could restart your life as a carefree high school girl, hit that link and grab a copy NOW.

Have fun my little darlings… 😉

Lisa X