Check out my new collection “Changed into a Girl”, out NOW!


Regular readers will know that I love, love, love short stories. For a writer, they’re like a crazy playground where you can indulge in your oddest whims, and try out formats and ideas that you’d never commit to a longer book. For readers, they can be the most perfect little gems: momentary visions that you’ll take away with you and cherish forever.

So, I’m super pumped to introduce you all to my fifth collection of magical TG short stories: Changed into a Girl out now on Amazon. As with the last four, this book contains all sorts of transgender delights, from TG mystery stories, to gender-swap revenges, to body-hopping teens and all manner of nasty men forced to become submissive, beautiful girls. Three of the tales have previously appeared on this very blog, but the longest two (which, FYI, are also the hottest) are completely new and not available anywhere else!

Intrigued? Follow that link and download yourselves a free sample NOW. Then download the rest of the book too, coz your mistress needs sales and has to eat haha 😉

Lisa X