Free TG Stories!

Looking for free TG short stories? You’ve come to the right place! Every few weeks, as a special treat to my loyal fans, I publish one gender-bending new tale for you sissies to enjoy… completely free of charge!

Have your own idea for a HOT TG tale? You can now hire me to write your dream gender swap story. For a fee, I will turn any TG fantasy into an exclusive ebook only you will ever read. Hit the above link to find out more!

You can also join me at my Patreon page for more TG bonuses, including free novel length gender swap tales!

Free Stories:

Gender Swapped for His Girlfriend’s Daddy

From Man to FEMALE Mannequin!

He Became Her Hucow

She Turned Him Into a Fembot

Trapped Between Her Legs

My Husband, My Maid

Gender-Swap Day

The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Your Very Own TG Adventure

The Biggest Boobs in the World

All She Ever Really Wanted (a Christmas Tale)

Her Favorite Sissy Nurse

Cursed to be a Schoolgirl

From Man to Mommy

The Goodest Girl at Summer Camp

Please note: All stories (C) Lisa Change, and may not be reprinted without my express permission. Adults only.